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cannot load .torrent file


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Every time I exit the program to reboot or logout/in I have to delete and re-add all the torrents from uTorrent's list because it hits me with 'error: cannot load .torrent file'.

I know this has something to do with .torrent and .torrent.loaded files and then there is also apparently some other copy that uTorrent creates in the user's appdata folder... but this is getting a bit silly. I have read over old posts but it hasn't helped avoid this in spite of my efforts.

I have, from the beginning, kept everything in separate directories.


These are my settings in Preferences -> Directories

Put new downloads in: \TorrentDataScratch\

Move completed downloads to: \TorrentDataComplete\

Store .torrents in: \ScratchTorrentFile\

Move .torrents for finished jobs to: \TorrentCompete\

Automatically load .torrents from: \ScratchTorrentFile\

And "Delete loaded .torrents" is unchecked.


I have no idea what I am doing wrong!

Any help is appreciated.

(edited for clarity)

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ciaobaby: double-checked permissions and everything looks good. Thanks!


This sounds like interesting advice. Does this mean the solution would be to un-check the 'automatically load torrents from...' box? If so, would this result in seeing a blank torrent list every time I re-start the app? Or would this instead see the existing torrents in the program list stay put and just stop the automatic loading of new torrents in to uTorrent when they hit the specified directory?

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