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uTorrent RSS downloader confuses CRC and other Checksums for episode.


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RSS-Pick up string: developer_filename_*.zip

RSS upload string: DevTeam_Game_ver1.234alpha[52AC4200].zip

After *some* entrys, uTorrent starts to ignore the uploads from the RSS congregator unless the RSS downloader is cleared and set back up again.

Problem was identified when an upload was tagged incorrectly and reuploaded.

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About... 4 Months ago? can't really tell, but it lead me to stop using the rss downloader.

using "smart ep filter" on your rss filter or not?

yes, smart filter was tagged.

Can you still select-view that RSS feed items in the main view at this point?

currently the rss are not updated at all, but its unrelated because a windows error made me wipe my hard disk.

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