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Revert uTorrent caching mechanism


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This thread will most likely get locked like any other thread discussing this topic,but here it goes(in hopes we will get to an agreement).

Many users of uTorrent have experienced the problem where running uTorrent with downloads/seeds overtime eats all our RAM and forces Windows to page a lot and ultimately bring our whole system to a crawl.We have been repeatedly told that this is a Windows caching bug and not an uTorrent bug and we understand that crystal clear.

But the fact remains that using latest versions of uTorrent is eventually bringing our PC to a crawl and making it unusable.We understand perfectly that from uTorrents point of view uTorrent is working fine and that it is Windows fault(yes i am saying it for a second time).

But let me ask you this and I want you to give me a honest answer.

I have 2 options:

1.Use new versions of uTorrent which are,as you say it,the CATALYST to a Windows bug and make my PC unusable after some time and i am forced to exit and start uTorrent numerous times until i finally finish my uTorrent jobs.

2.Use older versions of uTorrent that are NOT a CATALYST to this Windows bug and don't make my PC unusable or even switch to another torrent client that is also NOT a CATALYST to this Windows bug.

Which option do you think will a normal user chose when he experiences this problem?

I am sure that you will agree that option 2. will win by a large margin.

So this is what i am suggesting.

Even tho the problem is a Windows bug(yes i am saying it for a third time,meaning I am not blaming uTorrent directly) why don't you just revert the changes that you made so uTorrent can be usable again(like the older versions) for the majority of users or at least work around this Windows bug somehow?

It is perfectly logical(at least for me) that when you make this product(uTorrent) you are making it with the intention to be used by users and to be usable with out problems.

Obviously the new versions are INDIRECTLY(again not blaming uTorrent) leading to problems with the usability of uTorrent and ultimately PC usability problems.

So the obvious solution is,even tho it is not uTorrent fault,to work with the knowledge of this Windows bug and try to avoid it either by a workaround or by reverting the changes you made to uTorrent until MS fixes this Windows bug(you should probably also report it to MS so they fix it).You should always try to provide the best experience to the users(at least that is how i think),which clearly is not the case with the new versions being a CATALYST to this Windows bug(yup,4th time).

So again my only request is to make uTorrent usable again,since from my point of view,I can live with not perfectly optimal caching system(or whatever is being the CATALYST to this Windows bug),but I can't live with PC that becomes unusable after some time with uTorrent running.

I hope we can look at this objectively and stop throwing the ball whose fault is this,and try to make uTorrent and Windows compatible and usable again in the current situation.

And again i say that i don't want to blame anyone,I just want to use uTorrent with out problems.This is my very simple wish/request.

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