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How to move torrents location


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I'd like to move torrents (both downloaded and torrent files) from one folder to another. How to do that?

At this moment I'm running v3.3.2. I stopped uTorrent, then renamed two folders, containing downloaded torrents and torrent files and started uTorrent again. Now all torrents are shown as not existed/broken with (X) mark on the left... In "Properties | Directories" box I've corrected folder names to point on renamed folders (again, containing both downloaded and torrent files). Nothing helped... :(

When I reverted all back (stopped uTorrent, renamed folders back) and started uTorrent - all torrents remained broken too... :(

I was lucky that I saved copy of the folder, containing uTorrent's DB and only after I restored all DB files form saved folder, I was able to see my torrents again.

So, what's correct procedure of moving (renaming) folders in uTorrent?

Thank you in advance.

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OK I hope this helps but I am no expert (usually it works but sometimes utorrent seems buggy about it)

Here's how to move your downloaded files:

1) Create the new folder that you want to move your files to

2) Go to utorrent and select the files that you want to move

3) Right click - advanced - set download location

4) A window will pop up, navigate to the folder that you want your files to be in and hit "Select Folder"

Unfortunately I think you need to do the last step for each file, I don't think there is a batch move function - a trick I use is to copy the folder location path and then just hit ctrl + v every time that window pops up

As for moving the torrent files themselves - using Options - Preferences - Directories might help but I haven't done it

One work around is to

1) Remove all the aforementioned torrents from utorrent,

2) Set your download directory to your new folder,

3) Reload the torrent files into utorrent,

4) Recheck them all - I have done this and it works

Tell me if you need more clarity, hope this helps

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Thank a lot for your suggestions.

I have approximately 500 torrents that I want to re-assign (move) into new location. And it's going to be a tedious job to move them all one-by-one. :) I did a mistake putting them in that folder, when I've just started collecting them and now I want to fix it by renaming that location to keep it better organized. It should be some way to move them all from one location to another. At least I hope so...

While moving content files / folder one-by-one seems to work (and thank you for the hint again), I can't find way to do the same with torrent files themselves... Is it possible at all? "Options | Preferences | Directories" specifies location where to look for new torrents, not where all torrent files currently are.

Moreover, I'm afraid, if rechecking of all torrents is required (in order to move torrents from one location to another) - it will make this task practically impossible...

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So, if I put torrent file in a folder, I can't move or rename that folder and I'm stuck with it forever (until I remove all my torrents in uTorrent). Right?

If it's done by design, it's not a good design. That's for sure... :(

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Wrong' date=' you just cannot do it outside of the client and expect it to somehow 'know'.[/quote']

If you know how to move all torrent files from one location to another, asking uTorrent to do it, please tell me. Thank you in advance!

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I see... When I asked:

So, if I put torrent file in a folder, I can't move or rename that folder and I'm stuck with it forever (until I remove all my torrents in uTorrent). Right?

Your answer was - "Wrong". But when I asked you how can I do that? Your answer was - No, is's not possible (meaning I was "Right").

You like just blah, blah blah... here, don't you?

Now, when I start to ignore all your posts, I still open for (and would appreciate) any suggestions, coming form other members in this forum.

Thank you, guys.

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Problem is solved. I moved all torrents from two different folders into one location and moved downloaded files into another location. Everything is done by editing resume.dat file with BEncode Editor (see detailed instructions there).

Couple of points for those folks who want to do the same:

* don't forget to make and keep backups

* don't forget to remove .fileguard key from edited file

* if you move torrents, replace keys, pointing to new location

* if you move downloaded files, replace values, pointing to new location

* if you merge torrents form several locations (by moving torrent files there), don't forget to perform "Item | Sort keys" action before you save resume.dat file.

Additional notes:

1. Generally speaking, it's a PITA to do it manually :(. There are lot of requests on the Internet asking for the very same action (move torrents and downloads from one location to another) and it should be done by torrent client itself. Unfortunately uTorrent misses support of that important functionality.

2. Latest BEncode Editor v0.7.10u (Unicode) has bugs with Unicode and it can't edit Unicode string correctly (removing or replacing some characters from torrent strings) :( So, do your work step-by-stop and watch for some missing torrents (using Unicode) after you move them in each step...

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I've mentioned in this thread earlier that there is a lot of cases documented in the Internet when people need to reorganize their computers and, as a result, to move torrent and / or download folders into some other locations. Everyone, sooner or later, may face that task. And in this case I think uTorrent may and should help. But it requires some small improvement in its code. And here is what should be done:

Do not put paths to torrent file locations in each and every torrent record in "resume.dat" file. Instead keep only torrent names as keys there and use path to torrent files location taken from its configuration - "Properties | Directories | Location of torrents" ("settings.dat" file).

Why it's better?

1. It will offer control the users need to move torrent files from one location to another (and facilitate an easy implementation of that task in uTorrent).

2. It will make "resume.dat" file smaller (meaning, its rendering will be faster at launch time).

Faster rendering is important in case if there is a lot of torrents kept in "resume.dat" file. For example, in my case it has about 500 records and just its initial rendering and reordering (I sort torrents by "Added" column) takes about 5+ sec at start time... It's especially noticeable when user happens to uses quite a long path to the folder, where he keeps all torrents.

The same approach should be done for paths for downloaded files too - path should be kept in one location ("settings.dat"). It will offer the same benefits to both uTorrent users and uTorrent itself (ability to easily move downloaded files form one location to another and smaller "resume.dat" file for faster rendering).

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Yes, indeed. It sucks...

Interestingly enough - UI gas place to change both paths (to downloaded files and torrents themselves). And IMHO, support for change both paths require a simple change of the code (with right coding no any compatibility problems are expected). But the code is not an open source and, therefore, we're at mercy of its developers... I'd be nice, if they listened and tried to help us.

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Just let me change both paths, i can move all files by myself..

Use Bencode to edit the name of each item in resume.dat


Stop ALL jobs

Make a backup of resume.dat

Change the path in Preferences -> Directories.

Shut down the client.

COPY (not move) all the meta data files to their new locations.

Make the changes to resume.dat

Delete the "fileguard" entry.

Save the file (overwrite the existing) [You did make that back up first, didn't you?]

Restart the client

Restart the jobs.

Provided all is ok ... Delete the original metadata location AND the files.

And if you have screwed up somewhere you have the "get out of jail free" with the original resume.dat AND the original metadata location.

Job Done!!

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You can use Long Path Tool, it works good for such problems!

The "long path tool" is NOT for the issue in this thread AND! You forget to leave the link drop.

For those interested, it is at longpathtool.com BUT it is "teaserware", so just when you think it is going to be useful, ... it will require your credit card to be deployed.

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