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What is the difference between peer d/l and client d/l?


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I have been trying to get my usual 1.2-1.6Mb/s downloads, but not with windows 7, Ubuntu has been getting great download speeds of up to 1.4Mb/s for 4GB files, but windoze (yes I said windoze because it's so darn slow) get between 0.1Mb/s (100Kb/s) and 0.6Mb/s (600Kb/s), even with a 4GB file, what I did notice is that peer downloads are 1.3Mb/s and my client (utorrent) is as slow as 0.3Mb/s I disabled uPnP on the router, and blocked all incoming ports, thus preventing uploading, (u/l speed = 0.0Mb/s), before anyone says to use all defaults, then try living in the USA where sharing is ILLEGAL and that means seeding too.

Anyway, call be a leecher I don't care, but if I want to D/L a movie to watch on my PC then erase it, I don't see any harm in downloading it, but sharing it is a definite NO!, NO!.

OK, so how do I get back up to my usual 800KB/s to 1.3-1.6Mb/s?

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