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Moving files hang then "magically" disappear from my system


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Windows VIsta / utorrent 3.3.2

On occasion, this version of utorrent seems to get mad when I try to move files - as in the status bar says "moving" for hours, even when I am moving files within the same drive.

I tried to move a movie file and eventually I just removed the torrent from utorrent because it was hanging on "moving" for so long.

My file disappeared! This is strange because I have configured utorrent to move my files to the recycle bin when I remove them and also to prompt me before doing so.

This time when I pressed remove, the torrent was deleted immediately, as was my movie file that I downloaded.

I use the program "Search Everything" to look for misplaced files, as well as manually looked at the download folder, the recycle bin, and the folder that it was supposed to be moved to, and nada.

What gives? Do I have computer goblins?

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Build 30180

The file has just disappeared as though it were never there - even data recovery tools won't find it.

One time (with this build) utorrent indicated a file was 100 percent complete when it hadn't downloaded at all, so maybe this happened here, because I just can't fathom how utorrent could delete a file completely and erase all traces of it.

Not a huge deal, it wasn't very big, I am just worried about computer goblins now :P

Should I attempt to report this as a bug or just shrug and move on?

Thanks for your help everyone

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even data recovery tools won't find it.

Most likely the tools are not that good... Or maybe you are looking for the wrong file name(s) ...

It is a bug. Sadly, no one will admit it is so, nor try to analyze it due to the complexity, and not being easily reproducible... :P So, just move on and try live with it...

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