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To run as Windows Service


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I love uTorrent and my website which runs on Windows Server 2008 uses uTorrent as a back end service that download torrent and provide user as direct download. However one thing that is not good which is uTorrent won't run if the server restart and no one has log into the server, because the uTorrent is an application that start only after someone login into the server, which I have to login after server restart to make sure the application run.

But Windows often deliver patches and server often restarted by its own, which make me having to monitor whether the uTorrent is started or not.

Can uTorrent make itself run whenever windows boot into lock screen? Where nobody has yet login into desktop? Which means that uTorrent made its core as a windows service instead of normal Wndows application, and the application interact with the service to do the work?

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