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Some torrents dont open: Android vs Win uTorrent


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The torrents from one particular tracker do not open Android uTorrent. Instead the torrent files are downloaded into the Download directory. Opening one of them will prompt to open with uTorrent but after it is opened, it shows either 0 or 1 peer and there is no download activity. The torrent opens correctly with Win uTorrent, however.

The same result occurs using Android aTorrent. This client fortunately allows one to see the tracker information, but none are shown, which of course makes it impossible to download.

It seems that the Android uTorrent client is not interpreting the tracker information the same as the Windows client. The aTorrent client has the same problem.

Let me add that the torrents used to work in the Android client. There apparently has been a recent change in their structure making them disfunctional.

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