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DHT waiting to log in


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So, it appears that an ISP can block certain ports so that you can't use that port anymore. I too was having the issue of DHT waiting to log in. I went in and set to randomize ports on each start and set proxy server to none even though I too am using BTGuard so that may have changed back. Because if I don't use BTGuard, then I get cease and desist letters. There are two reasons I see that ports can be blocked. One is when I am on a wifi connection like McDonald's or whatever, then soon enough, I can't download anything. When I am at home using that ISP, if I don't use BTGuard, then the same thing occurs. So, really BTGuard is not changing the ports or ip at all. It must remain the same for them to track it somehow. Somehow, no matter what you do, they still know that you are using a torrent client somehow. So, I'm not sure what my question is, but first of all, am I correct here? Secondly, is uTorrent going to run out of ports eventually to where they're all blocked?

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