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Bring back append the torrent's label option OR fix remote


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Hey guys,

Love uTorrent, been using it for years. I have a fully automated HTPC setup using Utorrent+TheRamer+EventGhost+XBMC. This setup has been working great, especially because I am using the 3.2 version of uTorrent to allow me to use the append torrent labels option. This moves the file into a completed folder, but specifically it moves it to one based off the label, such as one for TV or movies. Then I have another program that watches folders, an when those files are moved, other programs are run. My only issue I have been having is I am unable to connect to the remote server, so I cant control uTorrent from my phone. So here are the two requests:

Add back in the append torrent label function, have it work just as it did in 3.2. If it has a label, let me choose where to save it!


Allow older versions of the client to connect to the remote server, so we can keep our current setup.

Please guys, i love the program, and just want to make sure I got my HTPC running smoothly and efficiently

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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