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Mutiple comment line


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On the General tab, When I switch from one torrent with multiple comment line to another torrent with no or just one comment line, the comment screen won't be clear except for the first line.

In other words, I think utorrent didn't clear the comment porton of the screen before displaying another set of comment line.

Also, sometime utorrent didn't display all comment line.

In my case, the comment line contains unicode chinese chars.

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This one with more than one comment


Sometime it displays like that


This one with one comment


Multiple comment display first then switch to the single comment


But for whatever case displayed incorrectly, if I switch to another app (ALT-TAB) and switch back to utorrent, the screen will be displayed correctly.

If I copy the comment in case 2 (1 and 1/2 lines displayed) within utorrent and paste it into any doc (like text file), four lines will be displayed.

I am using English version of XP(sp2) with chinese langage on.

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