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Moving .torrent file once D/L'd


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Hi people, I know this has been covered in a few other topics but I appear to have a slight difference with mine.

So Utorrent is set up to move the completed .torrent file(s) to a different directory once its D/L'd...which it does (somewhat).

But there is still a .torrent file left in the Downlaods directory.

So I end up with this in the download directory eg..for Superman movie download

D:\Downloads - Superman folder containing video file,nfo etc etc.

.torrent file - this will either be labeled with correct title or a hash sum (not inside the Superman folder).

Directory for moved .torrents - D:\Torrents (containing correctly titled .torrent files, even if hash sum labelled in d/l directory).

So it looks like utorrent is creating/duplicating the original file (but with correct title) and moving that into the specified directory.

So how do i get the .torrent file that still remains in the download directory to fully move?

Note - in utorrent prog download titles are alway correct (they don't appear as hash sums as a title)

Utorrent version - 3.3.2 (30180 32 bit)

Win 7 64 bit

Could it be a utorrent 32bit/win7 64 bit issue?



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D/L'd a file to illustrate.

utorrent prog.


Download directory ( .torrent file either correctly titled or titled as hash sum)


'Move .torrent for finished jobs to:' Directory (always titled correctly)


So .torrent file in Downloads directory doesn't move, unless i manually delete it.

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The odd thing is with all these reports is that nobody has EVER asked why uTorrent does EXACTLY the same thing if you double click on a .torrent file that is ALREADY on their hard drive/memory stick/whatever AND it is the same process.

Browser downloads a file to it's default location then passes the filename to a shell command, the file that is passed in the command is NEVER EVER removed or moved.

It is NOT a fault, bug, error or anything, that's how it works.

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