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Cant download a SPECIFIC game only


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hello ,

so i have been struggling in the past few days download some torrent , and heres the situation :

so i downloaded fifa 14 game and i had to reinstall it for some reason , but now my torrent isnt letting me download it , when i start downloading the speed gets so low at around 20 kbps at most , and it takes time connecting to peers , note that i can download any other torrent perfectly except fifa 14 torrents , i have tried different torrents for the game , none of them is working , and i know its from my laptop because i tried it on a different laptop and the speed reached 200 kbps in few seconds , my guess is that it might be a firewall block but i already tried downloading without firewall , i opened a port from my router and still nothing changed , im using a windows 7 ultimate 32 bit

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