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Is 2.2.1 still the recommended version ?


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Hi, i've been using 2.2.1 for a long time now because of all the disk overload problems with version 3.

But i am wondering if any of that has been fixed or is 2.2.1 still the preferred version if you have more than a 2 mbit connection ?

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Didn't answer the question. Completely off topic and not relevant here' date=' but i'm not expecting much from a bot.[/quote']

It DOES answer the question, because the 'recommended' version here is the LATEST VERSION and build.

If you are NOT running that you get NO support here.

Read the forum rules if you remain confused

No IT doesn't, it doesn't answer if there's still disk overload issues with version 3, or if they've been fixed/partly fixed and it's safe for people to upgrade if you got a fast connection.

And what version i am running is irrelevant when the question is 3.x related.

That means your comment is equally pointless as to the first comment.

However "I'm using latest beta with 100 Mbit/s, no problem." is on the other hand relevant to the topic.

Try to read and answer the question stated in the topic, and not the title, they're two separate things.

Feel free to ask if you remain confused.

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Okay Andreasvb.

I gave 3.4 a swing, loaded up a torrent to test, started fine with 27mb/s, then at 14% it dropped to 19mb/s and the program froze.

Restarted ut, deleted torrent, reloaded torrent, froze and crashed at 14.6%, not impressed. Think i'm going to follow the recommendation of the collective and stay on 2.2.1.

Tried 3.3.2 just in case someone whould whine about 3.4 being beta. But it seems very sluggish, gui freezes too much, but it didn't crash.

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