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[1.9.1] Can't rename files anymore...


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Hey there,

I recently reinstalled my Mac and downloaded the latest utorrent beta version (1.9.1) and I'm can't seem to find any possibility to rename files anymore...

It used to work just fine when moving a (single-file) torrent just giving the file a new name, but the dialog just doesn't have any input field for the filename, just for directory selection...

It worked on my old installation (I think I used version 1.8.x at the time), but I can't go back to it either because for some reason the installer won't work with a really helpful "it doesn't work" message (no really?).

Am I doing something wrong or was the feature removed in the latest beta version? If so, any possibility this will come back? I kinda need that one...


I think the problem with the install is that my user-directory is on another partition then Mac HD...


I just downloaded the 1.6.5 version now (the old with PPC support which is distributed in a dmg image) and could finally use that, it won't update itself (says it's the latest version) but at least I can rename files there.

Any chance this is going to be in the latest version soon? :/

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