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Multi user and same download


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Hi all,

my problems is quite simple.

4 different users are present on my pc. I need that every user downloads the same file.

For example: I start the download of the file n°1. After 2 hours I shutdown my laptop and the file has been downloaded for 29%. The next day my father opens the pc: I want that the file n° 1 automatically starts from point 29%.

How can I do it?

Thanks all

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It won't happen using uTorrent or BitTorrent as they both are a per user installation by default.

You could create a "encapsulated" (portable) installation [read the manual] in a folder that is accessible by all users, set it to "Run as Adminstrator" and set the download locations outside of "user folders".

The startup will have to be done manually by editing the registry BUT all users will get a UAC prompt on startup unless you disable UAC as well, which is NOT recommended.

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