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Can't add torrents


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I'm using windows 7.

A problem has randomly appeared for no apparent reason.

I click on a magnet link and no dialogue appears for where to save. I click on it again- it says it is already there and do I want to add the trackers.

The same happens with downloading the torrent file and opening it.

The only solution I've seen is one about multiple windows and hidden dialogues but it didnt help me

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Which different label or category?

None of them give a full list of options now, only add torrent or add rss field. It looks like everything has been erased (hope not...) but when I try to add something it says the torrent is already there.

edit- ah, I see what hidden did. I've never used labels before.

I found the hidden category and unhid everything and now the ones I tried to add before are there.


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