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utorrent doesn't respect alternate upload rate when not downloading


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First of all i have this problem with the latest version 3.3.2..I was previously using 2.2.1 and everything was working fine..Both versions have exactly the same settings..I have read many similar threads and tried various suggestions but nothing worked..

The problem is i have set the alternate upload rate when not downloading to 80 but in the status bar i only get 40-50..Also when i right-click the upload speed in status bar sometimes is set to my maximum upload rate,which is 25, and sometimes to my altarnate upload rate(i can't show you this in screenshots)..Is like i am getting the average speed of those two..When i am downloading everything is fine and my upload speed is set to maximum upload rate..It's weird because 2.2.1 with same settings didn't have that problem

Here are some screenshots


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