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no down/upload..then restart utorrent.works fast down/upload for a min


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Hello, For the last week i've been looking through the forum for some solution, tried a few, but nothing worked...

When I start Utorrent, it will download or upload fine for some minutes, then stop, or download/upload very very slow...

when I restart... it goes well and fast again for a couple of minutes and then back to slow speed or nothing

I had also the problem of when I closed utorrent, that I had to use task manager to close it... but red on the forum to give it time to close, and that seems to work so far

i'm on windows xp sp3 with utorrent 3.3.2


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Just read this here

S. "Disk overload" warning - what is it and how to try to overcome

Some users observe a "Disk overload" warning on the status bar. This is observed when:

- Downloading at higher rates (usually over 8MB/sec)

- Downloading of multi-files torrents (files there are not aligned to disk blocks)

- Downloading of larger files >4GB

- Using a slower hard drivers (slower USB connection)

- Using an AV software that interferes with the download

- Having access permissions in the download location

This warning is when uTorrent cannot write the downloaded data as fast as it downloads it. It then throttles it's own speed to compensate.

Things to do that *might* help (beside improving the above root causes) :

- Use my recommended settings file

- Try to run-as-admin

- Checking Pref.Advanced->Disk Cache->Write out untouched blocks every 2 min. might help a bit with not accumulating of completed pieces in cache.

- As a last resort: try to also change my settings to Pref.->Advanced->diskio.sparse_files to TRUE (Warning: this increases HD fragmentation)

Good luck!

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Found this post http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=135596&p=4 post 87 tried these:

In the General settings in the "When Downloading" section, tick the option titled "Pre-allocate all files".

In Advanced set "diskio.sparse.files" to *true

In Advanced set "diskio.use_partfile" to *false (this will work only on newly added torrents)

In Advanced set "net.max_halfopen" to *50

Fixed my issue

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all my files are on an external disk, connected on usb (NOT 3.0 usb)

Could that be the reason?

I remember in the last couple of month having seen 2 or 3 times maximum a disk overload message or something flushing to disk

I just put in the settings suggested here from Rafi and dragonscape2

after clicking apply, so far, that one torrent is still crawling slowly between 0.6 kb/s and 1.2kb/s

should i close utorrent and restart to have to settings take effects or it should have made a difference after clicking Apply/Ok?

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so all my files being on and external not usb 3.0 will cause utorrent to suddenly slow down or stop downloading torrent after running for a min or 2?

all my internal drives are not big enough to have all the files on 1 disk, that why i put them all on an external

when you write: " Using the settings file requires you to shut down utorrent BEFORE placing the file."

Something i'm not getting here, what "File" are you referning to?

I followed the instruction changing the settings within the utorent preferences, and in order to do that utorrent must be running...

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restarted Utorrent after putting the new setting file...

downloaded the torrent that was left to download fast(usually does after a restart), but when I run the connection test, I get:

Speed test failed:connection failed error:timed out error (10060)

Tested again and again a few times and now suddenly the connection test was succesful?!??!?

Now I'll have to add new torrents to download to see if those new settings works, BUT, so far, I don't see any ACTIVE torrent, nothing uploading... I need to keep this uploading working to keep my ratios on torrent sites

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You should at least:

* set up your own port # in preferences->connection and forward it in your router.

* set your own download & torrent directory paths in pref->directories

If you do NOT have a 1Mbps upload connection, MANUALLY adjust your settings with the setup guide (ctrl-G) to 90% of your connection UPLOAD speed.

+ the tips at #S ...

Test torrent example: http://releases.ubuntu.com/13.10/ubuntu-13.10-desktop-i386.iso.torrent

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Thanks foxmulder, but i don't have a usb wifi adapter

for the rest, I still have to restart to get my download finished and don't see any active upload and my ratio on torrent site also still doesn't go up, even though connected 24h/7

could it be the fact that all my torrent files are on an external drive ?

I would need to buy a new 4 tb drive then, if so, but then, maybe windows xp won't support that big of a drive I'm afraid

before i go through this I want to be sure that's the right solution

how could I make a good test to see if it's working properly? with RAFI's settings ?

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