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Download speed cut in half, in recent 6 months


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Ive been having serious issues with Utorrent in the past few months.

I will try to explain as simple as possible.

I add torrent, from known tracker, which give me absolutley maximum download speeds, i pick ones with alot of peers/seeders.

After i added it, the speed goes to 28-31 megabits as max, no matter what i do. The same torrent, on my laptop, and my brother pc, is working perfect, going to full 50 megabits (my cable speed max) in less then 30 seconds.

I tried, reinstaling Uttorrent, messing with the settings, i tried completley clean install deleting it from the registry, and control panel, no use, as long as i install it the speeds are miserable, same goes to Bittorent, the only solution is to use Vuze, which max out the speed same as Uttorent on my brother pc, or my laptop. I even formated my pc, still the same!! keep in mind the tests i done, was on the same network, laptop was connected to the same port in the router, and even in my Intel NIC, still the same result, the laptop get to max speed in 30 seconds, my pc is stucked to only 30 megabits.

Keep in mind i got high end pc, with Intel NIC, with energy efficient ethernet option turned off, and latest drivers (i'm kind of an advanced user)

I would keep using Vuze, but select able downloads from big torrents with many files (for example albums collections) are terrible, i can't see the folders parted, only many many small files, tracks, txt documents, jpgs, which takes hours to scroll/select what album i need or track, so its pain to use it, its only good for single files.

Any help and ideas, would be appreciated :)

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