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Utorrent doesn't recognize exe files


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I have i problem. I just reinstalled utorrent and after i started to use this new version (1.8.4) it does not seem to recognize when i download torrents as exe files. The torrent downloads, but then i click it, it opens i textedit and when i try to open through utorrent, it shows in grey letters to indicate that i can't open this type of file.

When i try doing the same on a PC it has no problems opening the exe file in utorrent and downloads fine.

Any help please?

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.exe files are Windows executable binaries, why should a Mac OS application 'recognise' them???

However; .... I WOULD suggest that you click the CORRECT link on the web document you think you are downloading metadata files from, because you ARE attempting to download [and actually downloading] a Windows malware installer that is also masquerading as a "file downloader".

No legitimate 'torrent' download will EVER be an executable.

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