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Having trouble with ports on a wifi network using vpn.


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Ok guys so im getting really rubbish incoming connections, I check uTorrent preferances>Network(connection)ports and they say 'No incoming connections'.

Edit- It can go from None to working then back.

I have a MAC that connects to a PAYG Wifi (Only within the week whilst working away).

I do have a correct verison of uTorrent downloaded.

When connected to this Wifi i have to use a VPN because i cannot download at all unless connected to one, unsure why?

Anyhow, downloading is fine but i can't get decent incoming connections to seed.

I dont really understand Port forwarding especially on MAC. Anyone help at all with this?



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Ok., I'm brand new at this and I hope someone comes up with the answer, I tried going in preferences and randomized the port, and it made it say connection working, turned the little indicator green, didn't fix my problem. You probably tried that, but if you didn't and it fixes your problem, I'd be stoked.

Good Luck, for me, too, stuck at 99% for half a day after 7.9 GB overnight download, suddenly stopped.

Walt :/

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