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Please, Help before I rip my hair out......


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Emachines/Windows XP/Google Chrome/

So I'm frustrated and I want to just get to the point, so here.

I've tried several times to download Utorrent. I'll download the file off the website then I go to my download (On google chrome) click Utorrent EXE and NOTHING happens... Not at all... I've deleted it, I've down loaded the file OVER AND OVER adding and removing it. When I Ctrl/Alt/Del there's no Utorrent even shown it won't even pop up on my computers toolbar. It's 100% unresponsive and it's annoying me...

I did however, just restore my computer to 2005 (yes it's old) but it's running alright and everything thing else seems to be responding just fine. BESIDES utorrent and Bitorrent.

So help? Thanks.... it will mean a lot

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