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Bring back the "one-window-at-a-time" feature, please!


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Hi, I've been using uTorrent forever, but I'm not upgrading from version 3.0.

The reason is that the behavior for saving files has changed.

I usually download all the torrent files of my tv shows of the day at once, then open uTorrent to download them. I set the preferences to automatically load torrent from a specified folder, so up to version 3.0 what happens is that uTorrent picks torrents ONE AT A TIME (and in alphabetical order), pops up the 'save' window and only after the window is closed (meaning the file is in the download list) brings out the next one. So I don't have to deal with one bunch of windows all at once, all remembering the same last location which can be annoying. Also, since I use subtitles, the .srt file stored in the folder helps me name the file I'm saving, but with the new versions I don't see it anymore when I choose the save location.

If you could bring back the old behavior on the new version it would be really great!.

Thanks for all the good work you do. :)

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