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Can't move files in Windows 7 - Claims UTorrent is still using them


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Whenever I try to move a file i've downloaded using uTorrent Windows tells me it's still in use despite me removing it from uTorrent. I don't believe this is a Windows issue as this never happens when I try to move any other file, it only happens to files downloaded via uTorrent. My system has an SSD and a HDD, uTorrent downloads to my HDD, don't know if this make a difference.

My OS: Windows 7 x64

UTorrent Ver: 3.31 (build 30017) [32-bit]


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I am up to date, windows 7, no underlining proxy, vpn or the such

I am getting the same isse. Ive logged out and in, closed the program, ive even forced a recheck. It still gives me that error utorr+error.bmp

SO the question is, any ideas why its happening? Is there a way to fix it with out re-downloading it again? Its a rather large file.

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