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How to change files path in multiple torrents at once?


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So im switching hdd soon and i will keep my stuff on a different partition so i got a few questions.

How to change path for a files for a multiple torrents? (i know you can do it in advanced options for each torrent but i want to do it for all of it if its possible)

How to change path for a completed .torrent files? (im storing completed .torrent files in a different location so i would like to change its path too if possible).

And lastly, is there a way to backup all uTorrent settings, torrent files and their statistics in case of system reinstall?

Sorry for bad english if its hard to understand and thanks in advance.

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Apparently it's a common question. See this recent thread discussing the very same problem:

"How to move torrents location".

To backup your configuration you have to save .dat files from uTorrent's folder. I keep those .dat files in the same folder where uTorrent runs. You may have a different location (like in application data folder). These files (especially first two) are important to keep:






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