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Set Download Directory - not working as before


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Computer A

Windows 7 64bit

Installed latest uTorrent today 3.3.2 build 30180 32 bit

Telus Optik hi-speed

No other software running that might interfere.

Computer B

Windows 7 64-bit

uTorrent 3.3 build 29625 32-bit

No software that interferes.

Running without problems.

Downloaded torrents using the computer B

Goal: share those torrents using computer A

Files are stored in locations accessible to both computers.

With the older version of uTorrent (3.2) I was able to use Set Download Directory to set the download location to the directory or file with the completed files. A dialog box opened to say the file existed - Overwrite? Reply No. Location was changed. Force re-check confirmed file(s) ok.

With the new version, Reply No results in no change of location. Reply Yes results in Status "Moving..." but no movement taking place. The file was Read-Only when Reply Yes was given. Turned off Read-Only later, but no movement. My expectation is that Reply Yes would have the completed file overwritten by an empty file and the download would have to restart.



Tested use of Set Download Directory to simply change the download location to another directory. It works as expected.

The problem occurs when there is an existing file or directory with files that would have to be overwritten or, as previously would happen with Reply No to overwrite, they would be used as-is and could be re-checked.


Are there some settings in the new version that I need to change?

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The procedure I am trying to use now worked before I did the upgrade.

Today I uninstalled 3.3.2 build 30180 32 bit and installed 3.3.2 build 30260

The problem with Set Download Location remains when there is an existing file in the new location.

Here is what happens:

1. File movie.mkv has already been downloaded by another computer and is at F:\downloads, with Read-only set.

2. Torrent is downloaded and started on this computer. Default location is D:\downloading

3. Right-click on torrent. Click Advanced/Set Download Location...

4. Use dialog box to navigate from D:\downloading to F:\downloads

5. Dialog box

? File move target F:\downloads\movie.mkv already exists. Overwrite? Yes / No / Cancel

6.a. Click No (I want the change the location but not overwrite the existing file. This is the way it worked with the previous version.)

No change of location takes place.

6.b. Click Yes

Change of location takes place even though the Read-only file was not actually over-written.

So, Set Download Location works, but not the way it did previously.

Tried the same procedure with uTorrent 3.3 build 29625

6.a. Click No - no change of location

6.b. Click Yes - no change of location

File properties - turned off Read-only

6.c. Click Yes - file is moved and overwrites previously existing file

Conclusion: Behaviour of the program has changed. The current behaviour is not what I expected. Response of Yes to the question Overwite? did not do an overwrite because the file was Read-only. One more test with Read-only off is needed - will report on that later.

Above procedure (Yes to Overwrite?) worked for three files/torrents.

It did not work with a torrent for 3 files within a subfolder. i.e., answered Yes but change in location did not happen.

After that, the procedure does not work for torrents with only a file in the target directory.

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The note there suggests deleting the existing files. That is exactly what I do not want to do. The existing files are EXACTLY the correct files for the torrent. My goal it to set the Download location to the location of the existing files, then Force Re-check to ensure they are OK.

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The BitTorrent protocol has no concept of files as a payload, it only understands equally sized blocks of binary data, so "overwrite file" does not have the same meaning as it does for an application that does understand files.

So as you are trying to reload an existing job, when it ways "Overwrite?", it means;

"Should uTorrent use the data that is in this location already, check the data integrity when started, and if any pieces fail the hash check or are missing ... Download those to completion. But if all the data is intact, mark the job as complete"? .. If so, press [ Yes ]

But that's a bit long to fit on an alert dialogue and nobody would bother reading it anyway.

[ No ] means "Forget what is already there and start downloading the payload data all over again"

[ Cancel ] means I've changed my mind, so do nothing.

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I understand what you are saying, but it does not describe the behaviour of uTorrent (Version 3.3.2).

[Yes] causes the file(s) in the new location to be overwritten by the files from the current location. The files are erased from the current location. The download location is changed.

[No] behaves the same as [Cancel] The download location is not changed. The files in the two locations are not changed.

With 3.3 and earlier

[Yes] causes the files to be moved from the present location and overwrite the existing files in the new location, as it does with 3.3.2.

[No] causes the location to be changed without moving and overwriting the files in the new location. I have used this method hundreds of times to set the download location. Then, Force Re-Check ensures the files are correct (or not).

With 3.3.2 [Yes] does not work consistently. It worked for overwriting individual files, but when asked to overwrite a folder containing files, it stopped working and would not work for individual files. I expect it will work again after a restart, but have not tested that.

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I just did two tests.

1. Downloaded and completed a new torrent from machine with uTorrent 3.3. The downloaded file is Read-only.

2. Loaded the torrent into machine with uTorrent 3.3.2 but did not start the torrent.

3. Attempted the Set Download Location to location of file created in step 1. [Yes] to overwrite.

4. Torrent status changed from [stopped] to [Moving...]

5. Repeated step 1 with another torrent.

6. Changed the downloaded file property to Read-only Off.

7. Loaded the torrent into machine with uTorrent 3.3.2 but did not start the torrent.

8. Attempted the Set Download Location to location of file created in step 7. [Yes] to overwrite.

9. Torrent status changed from [stopped] to [Moving...]

So, in both cases, the overwrite has failed and Status remains as [Moving...] indefinitely.

I am seeing two other problems.

1. uTorrent is not writing downloads to disk. Attempts to download large files resulted in status remaining indefinitely in [Allocating...] while Disk Overloaded 100% was displayed in the status bar. An attempt to download a 1.45MB file wrote the file to Cache. Status is stuck [Flushing to disk(94)]. Disk Statistics show the job is in Queue.

2. Although the log shows a lot of activity, there has been no uploading since installing this version. The Setup Guide indicated success and the Network setup shows as OK (green circle with check mark)

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After watching & using 3.2.27568 work for a while, and finding it has poor response much of the time I have gone back to 2.2.1. (It was the poor responsiveness that caused me to do the upgrade.) Although 2.2.1 does not have the newer features, it does work well and responds quickly. The fact that the older version is not supported is not a problem - no support is needed because it works.

I have tried upgrading a few times over the past few months and, I am sorry to say, each time it has been a frustrating and time-wasting experience. The new version clearly has problems/bugs that the developers and advisors do not see on their systems.

For the record, I am running Windows 7 Ultimate with Service Pack 1 on an Intel i7 950 @ 3.07 GHz, 12GB RAM, 64-bit OS. Solid-state C: drive, WD Black 1TB D: drive. Windows Firewall, Microsoft Security Essentials.

Since the older versions work well, one can conclude that the new versions have bugs that appear on some systems and not others, and that they have not been addressed by the developers. Don't get me wrong: I am grateful to the developers for their contributions and to the advisors who answer these posts. I just cannot use the newer versions on my system. I will keep watching the Troubleshooting posts for signs that the bugs have been ironed out. Thanks again for your help.

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