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Strange bug with Folders with "!" in the name


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I think I've figured out how to reproduce it. First you have to have a folder named "!" at least, then put that as the default folder aka "E:\!\" then when u magnet link files to download there. Change one of the queued up files by going to "Set Download Location..." to another folder, for example "E:\Others\" now what will happen is utorrent will make a folder with the filename that's supposed to be downloaded and will move ALL the files/folders from the "E:\!\" folder to this new folder "E:\Others\name of file downloading\".

Its a tricky bug to reproduce, but its really just dealing with the folders with "!" in the title I think, since its used in programming.

Another bug would be the "Save Directory" column not updating correctly until after the magnet link begins to download. Its actually showing a folder up the tree.


Folder set to: "C:\New\Files\"

Will display as: "C:\New" until it begins to download and update the display on it.

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it is the conversion from a "Long File Name" (LFN) to the underlying 8.3 filename

LFNs beginning with certain characters that are normally allowed in the file name and are LESS THAN eight characters in length will result in an empty 8.3 short name which can cause problems under some circumstances.

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