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Deleting torrent list while upgrading


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OS: WinXP SP3, 32-bit.

Previous torrent version: no idea, probably the previous stable version.

Current torrent version: 3.3.2 (30260)

While upgrading utorrent have "forgotten" to copy the list of torrents.

Today I've noticed a pop-up window with the offer to install the new version, agreed, then the client downloaded and installed the new build and asked me for the language to use. I've selected russian. Ah, Ok, I have also declined to install the spam offer from Yandex (god bless those jerks) during the installation. That's all. Then the client started and I saw that all torrents and labels are blank.

Please put the notice about this "feature" to the install screen. I did not intend to start everything from scratch today.


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