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Add warning to the upgrade wizard.


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On the first page of the Upgrade-wizard, a note like this could be added:


Note: Do NOT upgrade, if you use uTorrent as a portable app, or have uTorrent installed in a non-standard location. Please download the newest version at www.utorrent.com. Close uTorrent, and copy the download directly into your installation folder, overwriting the old uTorrent.exe. Restart uTorrent.


See the problem, I described here:


The problem will be rare, because uTorrent can't be installed in a custom directory anymore, so (automatic) update will usually work well. But for those that have moved their uTorrent folder (someone else may have done it), the problem can be very annoying and confusing. It looks like after upgrade, they have lost all their torrents and data. And it is not easy to solve either, unless you know how the system works..

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