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uT creates files that were not included in download


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It does use the partfile!

Only some files get created as per torrent instead of simply mashing everything that's been skipped in the partfile.

And skipped files are supposed to be SKIPPED, not included with the rest, NEVERMIND which torrent piece they were part of!

I want a latte and uT is like "NO, here have a latte, a double espresso and a donut!".

I just want the latte.

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I like the donut thing... :)

Do you skip the files *before* you start downloading?

And there could definitely be an issue with using partfiles, since the whole IO subsystem was revised. Try to skip files in the add torrent dialog, not in the files tab, that might help bypass the issue.

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Yes, indeed I am talking about a torrent that was freshly added.

I skip the files in the "Add torrent" dialog, not the Files tab.

Pleallocate is OFF.

And then I stop the torrent. Delete all files, recheck everything and lo and behold - as soon as I press start here they are again!

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