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No incoming connections problem


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Hey everyone!

I'm a pretty decent torrent user, though I couldn't figure out how to solve this problem and I need your help. I used to use torrent frequently but I recently used recovery on my pc; consequently, all the programs are lost so I re-installed uTorrent. However, it keeps giving me the error "No incoming connections" (that orange triangle one).

I read some troubleshooting, like opening a port however I can't open one as I'm living in a dormitory and have no idea what router we're using. Just as I can't interfere with anything about my connection. I have the latest uTorrent version and have no problems surfing the net using a browser.

What should I do? Thank you!

Edit: When I double click on that triangle and run a test, it says that "Port is not open (you are still able to download). How can I open a port without knowing the model of my router? :/

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I have read somewhere in one of these threads that there is a bug in one of the latest versions of Utorrent making the software report the port as closed while other software, specific to testing if ports are open or not says the port is indeed open. You have to of course shut down Utorrent while the other program is checking the port otherwise Utorrent will block the port checking software from testing the port.

I too get that triangle saying I don't have any incoming connections, but I have got some realy good ratios on some torrents and I do get the green symbol when ever someone starts downloading from me. I don't know if it is said bug, if there is one present in the version I am using (I downloaded it 2013-11-02 so am assuming it's the latest, not beta-version)

I did not only use a port checking software (available from www.portforward.com or through a link on that website to some other site that have the software...) I also did it with Azureus/Vuze. Even tried it on a clean install of Windows7 on which I didn't install any firewall, even disabled the Windows firewall, makes no difference.

Since I've gotten a ratio of some 5.67 with the port (according to Utorrent) closed, I have to assume it's the reported bug rearing it's uggly head.

When you re-installed Utorrent, did you install the very latest version or an old version saved on some harddrive, CD or DVD?

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Thank you for your reply, to start with.

I first intalled an old version of uTorrent that was saved on my computer, v3.1.0. It did not work (I got that orange triangle) and thought maybe the old version was causing the problem so I installed the latest one, v3.3.2.

The problem is that, the port is indeed not open and I can not open it using the router (as I said before, I'm living in a dorm). However, I could use the uTorrent without problem before the recovery, I thought maybe DNS was causing the problem but nah, that's not either.

The strange thing is, a few days ago, that triangle turned into red (not connectible error) and it started to download. But after I restarted my computer it's lost again.

It's orange right now, and I'm not able to download anyhing using torrent.

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