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Ignored fault.


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Hi all.

I had a problem with uTorrent giving me Error: The system cannot find the path specified.

I did a Google search to find the answer.

I came across a uTorrent forum thread.

Member dzigdzig explained the problem stating that it must be a problem with uTorrent as version 3.2.3 had no problem with the download but the latest version was giving the error.

Member ciaobaby stated that it wasn't a problem with the programme, it is a problem with windows.

dzigdzig tried his best to explain that if it was windows at fault then both versions of uTorrent would throw up the error. It was obvious that something had changed from 3.2.3 to 3.3.2 that caused the error.

I decided to look for version 3.2.3.

The admins on here state categorically that no help will be given finding previous versions.

I found it myself and installed it.

The torrent downloaded with no errors. It was obviously the new version causing the grief and not windows.

The question is, why when members of the forums point out problems are they ignored and not referred back to a previous version until the problem is sorted?

Surely people will just go and fins another bittorrent client?

Seems rather strange to me.

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The underlying problem IS with Windows not allowing directories or files to start or end with a dot character (.). BitTorrent clients do NOT have a concept of files or directories, so how the names are set out are of no consequence and cannot check them before performing any disc writes.

At what point this started causing problems is going to take some investigation.

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Hi ciaobaby.

I get that windows isn't helping the situation but the fact that previous versions of uTorrent work fine shows that the developers have changed something they shouldn't have.

The 'we're not going to help you use a version of uTorrent that works' attitude seems daft IMHO.

uTorrent is a great little app, hiccups are bound to happen in it's development and when they cause issues then make it easy for users to refer back to a working version until the problem is sorted.

Frustrated users will just go elsewhere.

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Frustrated users will just go elsewhere.
And until that does happen, NOTHING will change
The 'we're not going to help you use a version of uTorrent that works' attitude seems daft IMHO.

You are missing the reason for these forums being around.

These forums are for development feedback and 'issue' reporting on the CURRENT and development versions, they are NOT here as a general "chatty" type community of uTorrent users. So for those reasons discussing versions that are not current and as such are NOT going to be fixed, is pointless and useless to BitTorrent and the developers.

You guys need to understand your role in life as a forum participant. You are simply part of a widescale beta or alpha test, BitTorrent are not interested in your opinions of the direction they are going with uTorrent, their only interest in you is in getting you to report faults that may affect the ability of the product to generate revenue.

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My role as a forum participant is however I choose to use the forums.

There is actually one area called 'chat' so you are not entirely correct, they are for 'chatty' things if people so choose.

As for the developers not being interested, the original 'problem' has been reported by users and I have no doubt that they have taken it on board, so again, I would imagine you are mistaken, they are 'interested'.

I know how these things work, I get a free app to use, they generate income through advertising etc.

If they don't listen and don't fix the bugs they don't get the users and the advertisers go elsewhere.

That will happen one day, all of life is cyclical.

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