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issues with utorrent 3.4 beta (buid 30 272)


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i was using utorrent 3.3.2 before updating to 3.4! i already had speed problems.i have a 1mb connection and was dowloading at an average 40kbps(yeah ..i know it's very slow.we got crappy connection from where i am) when i updated to 3.4 ,i was happy to see that my average dl speed actually increased.but the speed fluctuates much though it increased!! it ranges from 0-130 kbps. it does not keep up with this speed througout the download and often crashes(i've verified and it's not because of seeders or connection problems) and when before i was downloading two 700 mb files in one night..it now takes 3 days because of the fluctuation!!i decided to downgrade to 3.3.2 and i'm back to my average 40kbps!!i've even tried different settings to optimise my downloads bu those didn't work neither! any suggestion guys????

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