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Files tab scroll bar flickering on and off


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When I select a large number of torrents (about 200+) in the main window, some of which (maybe 10%) have a lot of files in the torrent (enough that if you select only that torrent there is a scroll bar on the side of the file tab), the file tab only shows the file(s) of the last selected torrent, but the file tab has a scroll bar that appears and disappears pretty fast on the right hand side of the tab (ie the vertical scroll bar), as if it is creating and removing and creating a scroll bar repeatedly, over and over again.

To be more detailed, the scroll bar seems to appear and disappear and appear and disappear on a loop. The loop seems to include scroll boxes filling different amounts of the scroll bar (ie sometimes it fills almost the whole bar, sometimes only a small part), and the loop seems to repeat in the same way every few seconds.

There is a corresponding change in the horizontal scroll bar as it widens and shrinks depending on whether there is a vertical scroll bar. There is a corresponding slow down of uTorrent.

It's as if it is adjusting the height of the file tab to show the file list of ALL the selected torrents, over and over again.

uTorrent 3.3.2 (build 30260) [32 bit]

Windows 7 64 bit SP1 fully updated

Note: Yes, I know it's not the latest build of uTorrent. Last time I installed the beta, so as to make a bug report, it broke the AutoUpdating (it kept asking to update, then failing to update, and then asking over and over again) and I had a lot of trouble reverting to the non-beta version, so I'm afraid I won't be doing that again.

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Huh, that's strange. When I posted this I tried restarting uTorrent (and indeed my computer) more than once and it persisted. Yet now it's gone. Wow, strange. Maybe one of the loaded torrents was malformed and messing with uTorrent's memory or something, and the torrent has now completed and been removed from the list.

Strange, strange, strange.

Oh well, thanks for testing it.

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