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How to force uninstall portable version of utorrent ?


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Hey guys there is no registry entry of it in like HKEY_CURRENT_USER>Software>Microsoft>Windows>CurrentVersion>etc

& it does not exist in control pannel aswell

Another thing is that i can't see torrent icon in taskbar coz it is password protected with bosskey i don't know the bosskey & the password

& when i open the setup exe by which torrent is installed it keep saying an older version of torrent is already running please shut down it first and blah blah blah.... i just have utorrent exe by which the torrent app is installed so is there something i can do ?

[[[[[[ I can't use any software that need to be install on system coz it need admin permission that i don't have ! ]]]]]]]]]]

AND i heard you can run multiple version of torrent together so is this possible

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