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Downloads not working well on university connection


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I started university this Fall semester 2013, and I've been having problems using uTorrent on the uni's internet connection from my laptop.

I have properly adjusted the uTorrent proxy server settings (proxy, port, user, and password) for the proxy that my university uses.

I am currently downloading seasons 2 and 3 of the Breaking Bad series, and they are both around 30% done. When downloading from the university wifi, however, I get 1 of 2 cases.

1) The downloads do not start downloading and get stuck at "connecting to peers"

2) Downloading works but is unbelievably slow, between 0 and 10 kB/s max, even though normal downloads (not torrents) via google chrome give me download speeds of around 700-800 kB/s.

When I resume the torrent downloads at home, I get my normal house internet speeds of around 200 kB/s.

Any help is appreciated. If I have not elaborated enough or if you need more details, please tell me.

Thanks =]

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Yup. special systems like UTorrent have there own protocol (Language). The gateway servers can easily recognize this and deliberately slow it down or even block it.

When I was at EXPO 2000 in Hambourg there was an internet Cafe. Hotmail was blocked. I had to ask for it and give good reason why I wanted it.

However asking your school for more bandwidth on Torrent I think wont wash.

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