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Attempting to seed torrent. uTorrent CHECKS then thinks I am at 0.00%


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I have a strange problem. Currently using uTorrent 3.3 on a Windows 7 PC.

I collaborated on a BD restoration project with a friend. So my editing partner uploaded the torrent for it. Now I want to help seed and so I ripped the final BD (same exact BD he has) and placed it in the proper uTorrent directory.

When I download the torrent file and start, uTorrent starts CHECKING and after about 15 to 20 minutes, completes, but then begins downloading everything, as though I am at 0.00%. I have verified over and over I have all the files, in the right order, in the right directory. But everything is 0.00.

So I tried moving the files (everything out) and then starting from scratch. Let it download for about ten minutes and then stop, shut down uTorrent, move over everything into the proper place so that it's completed and re-start uTorrent. Nope. It checks and STILL says 0.00% and begins downloading (and I get nearly 2mbps on that download).

Only, WHAT is downloading and where? It's clearly getting killer bandwidth, but it's not creating doubles. It's not downloading elsewhere. WTF?!

This is a 45GB BD torrent. I do not want to download it because I already have it. I want to SEED IT!

I would appreciate some advice.

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EDIT: I am now on the latest uTorrent. I will attempt to check again but I am sure it won't help.

I would appreciate your pointing me to this 0.00 guide that I have not seen.

UPDATE: Running the latest uTorrent and zero change. After checking it has decided that I am at 0.00% and wants to download everything.


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DreadWingKnight, you are NOT being very helpful. I read it fully. It doesn't apply. This is not my being stupid and not putting them in the right folder, etc. It is not an issue of too many folders deep or too few folders deep, etc.

So can you PLEASE try and be helpful? Pretty please?

If you read my initial post you would see I even moved the entire file/folder structure out of there and went ahead and downloaded the torrent file and allowed it to start downloading so that I could see the file/folder structure. Low and behold, it was THE SAME. So I stopped uTorrent, went ahead and replaced the larger files to see what would happen and after checking, it still decided I was at 0% (near 0% since I had allowed some downloading) and just kept on going as if there was nothing in the directory.

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