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Problem with ADD TORRENT pop up prompt


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When I am go through a list of torrents to add, I typically click on over a dozen of them. The result is a lot of popups that I click on to verify the action I want to take.

The problem is, if the torrent already exists, it says THE TORRENT YOU ARE TRYING TO ADD IS ALREADY IN THE LIST OF TORRENTS. DO YOU WANT TO ADD THE TRACKERS FROM IT? - which is fine. But if I start clicking on that fast, it then is a big problem when it goes back to the other popup, and I wind up clicking on "NO - DOWNLOAD THE TORRENT FROM SCRATCH" when I intended to click on "YES - USE THE DATA IN THE COMPLETE FOLDER"

It would help me out a lot if the "THE TORRENT YOU ARE TRYING TO ADD.. " box was moved up a bit so that the choice UNDER it was the "YES - USE THE DATA" instead of "NO - DOWNLOAD THE TORRENT FROM SCRATCH". I almost NEVER want to download from scratch.

Another fix would be to move the boxes so they were not on top of each other.. however, I would prefer that they WERE on top of each other.. but in such a way as I described in the previous sentence where the choice would got to YES instead of NO.

I have 2 images saved of what I am referring to. I see no way to attach images to this message.

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"Alert" message boxes in Windows are 'modal' AND by default will open in the centre of the parent application. So your demands will have be made to Microsoft so they can change Windows basic settings to suit YOU.

The ACTIVE clickable area of the box could be made smaller on the popup that says "NO - DOWNLOAD THE TORRENT FROM SCRATCH" and they I would not accidentally be clicking on that anymore.

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By the way --- WHY is this in the Plus feedback section?

If you don't have an answer to a question.. why don't you just ZIP IT? Nobody appointed you to be the forum police.

By the way.. I posted it in the Plus feedback section because I pay for the Plus version, unlike the freeloaders.. so hopefully my question will get addressed in a more forthright manner than if it was a non-paying poster.

Have you got any more stupid or annoying questions which do not apply to you? No? They I really don't need to see your responses. Thanks.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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