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much more traffic shown as it actually should


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Hello everybody,

Since a few weeks my utorrent shows much more traffic as the cumulated traffic of my active torrents. And it's not only a few kb/s but a LOT more.

I just updated to the latest version but no change either.

Here a screenshot of the traffic of my 2 active torrents and at the botton what utorrent shows me in the status bar. I wouldnt matter if utorrent just shows it wrong but my windows resource monitor shows the same traffic as the utorrent status bar.

Any help would be much appreciated.



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I have the exact same problem. When torrents are active, the transfer rates are much too high in relation to the rates of the active torrents.

To check on the problem, I stopped all torrents, and there is still traffic. I also disabled DHT, this made no difference. These numbers are real, I checked them with other networking tools.

Please look into this, thank you.

I made a screenshot, as you requested.


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I said in relation to the active torrents. In the picture, no torrents are active. In the following screenshot, you see all active torrents sorted by upload. Now add all upload speeds and compare this to the upload rate. Same with the download rate. No torrent was downloading at the time, every single one was completed.


And I think it is "much", if I download 2.3 gigs of data without a downloading torrent:


The last start was about 10 hours ago.

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So just how many trackers and DHT nodes is the client "talking to" for all those jobs that you have loaded?

Have you 'pruned' the dead trackers to reduce bandwith/data overhead?

And of course 3.4 MILLION 'handshakes soon clocks up a lot of data transfer at 49+ bytes for each one!

The simple answer is, ... If you want to reduce the overhead ... RUN FEWER JOBS!!!!

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The jobs are all running on the same tracker and DHT is disabled.

I am pretty sure that I was running this amount of jobs until recently without this amount of overhead traffic, but I will reduce the amount for the time being.

I just think it is strange that the u/d rates (payload) are so high and the rates incl overhead are just a little bit higher.

I reduced the seeding torrents to six and now I have 15-20kB/s up and 10-15kB/s down.

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