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Seeding only to one peer at one time


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I'm new in these things so please be patient with me (but don't hesitate to use sarcastic remarks if necessary).

I've just made a torrent for the first time and naturally now I'm the sole seeder. My upload speed is not great (ISP says 2,15 Mbps, usually in torrents the upload is on 200 kBps), but still I could do better. The problem is that there are currently 30 peers and I'm only seeding to one peer at the time. What's worse, I'm not going at full speed (right now I'm on 20 kB/s, but I understand this may be due to the peer's speed limitations) and I always start to seed to the peer with the least data downloaded. Therefore, there are many peers stuck at 10% or such, but I'm seeding to peer with 0,5%.

What I'd like my uTorrent to do is to seed at full possible speed to the peer with most data downloaded, so the list of seeders increases ASAP. The torrent is video HD of 5 GB, so as it is now it would get stuck for ages. :/

Thank you very much for the help!

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