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Downloads go into wrong download directory


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Hi, i've followed the thread Auto Download questions, but dont want to hijack ithttps://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=140368&p=2

& also followed the tips by rafi here http://www.netcheif.com/Articles/uTorrent/html/Chapter02_05.html

As my problem is: the downloads go into my default download directory even though there is a location set in the RSS Downloader.

I'm using the most recent version: v3.3.2

I'm getting the feed from showrss

Here are a few pics to show:

Last night's ep of Haven went into the wrong directory


Screen of the RSS history tab for that download


and the feed's link/edit-dialogue


sample screenshots of a few favorites, because at first i moved them myself, but that defeated the purpose of seeding, so i searched here for a solution.




I hope that helps, if not please tell me, thanks for your time & patience in helping me with this.

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I have no problem with the d/loads going in the wrong directory now, as they wont d/load now, until i hit the play button to manually d/load them now, what can i do to rectify it to automatically download them instead of sitting idle?

Thanks for your time & patience in this.

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Don't use "don't start downloads automatically" for them ...

Thanks for the reply, I've followed your tips here http://www.netcheif.com/Articles/uTorrent/html/Chapter02_05.html i dont have the above ticked as shown in the pic above, also i saw the same in the UI in directories & unticked it as well, although i didnt bother with it before, but trying anything.:(

Also used this as well: My v3.x quick-fix >"Best Practice" settings.dat file< (^ see tip #O) As it certainly changed the GUI of utorrent, but nothing else.

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Yeah thats the one' date=' its waiting to d/load manually[/quote']

In that case, it has nothing to do with the RSS downloader You just need to increase your the max # of active/DL jobs in pref->queuing. Or don't have so many... :)

I have 9 upload+d/load4 d/load, i could add more, but i dont d/load no more than 4 at a time anyway, but i found out this below:

Also, I use "don't automatically download all..." for the feed/edit

Well that was strange, as when i went to check on that, as i had two new feeds set up at showrss & when i went to check the edit feed i noticed that 'dont automatically d/load all was ticked?' haven't seen that before, as usually when i set up the filter after the d/load i set it up as favourite as shown in your tips & untick that.

The other place i mentioned was in Pref >> UI Settings, under Applying Torrents, that i unticked 'Dont Automatically download all'

Also you mention that * works by itself, i now have it at the start & end of the tv name in the filter *Haven* also how does that ? work also.


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Hi, i thought i'd post after a few d/loads to see if they fare out, but alas out of the whole lot i had to manually press to d/load them & only 1 strangely enough out of 4 rss feeds d/loaded last nite & i didnt have a filter for that one ?

As mentioned in a previous threadhttps://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=747624#p747624, on enabling the RSS error/verbose logger?

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Hi Haven & 1 more didnt d/load last nite & i thought i'd post a few screenshots of utorrent & favourites, to maybe simplify it, hopefully.

= Haven


= Picture of utorrent before i manually d/loaded files, although i've no idea what some of those diff arrows mean in the pic.



= I've added the asterisk to the show names & also separately to help it*


= history


= I've even included a question mark, as i've heard it mentioned ?


= RHope


& the one file that d/load but went into the default path to the C drive.

Hopefully that should help recognise the problem, i hope

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