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'uTorrentPartFile_.. .dat' file query


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Does deleting 'uTorrentPartFile_... .dat' files from movie folders spoil the movie files?

The files I skip while downloading are always sample.mp4 files, cover.png files, .nfo files, and read me.text files. So since I skip them and later delete the uTorrentPartFiles from the movie folder, will the downloaded movies get spoiled / corrupted as a result?

Thanks in advance for replying.:)

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Thanks DWK for replying. Btw, this is how it happens at my end:

1)I choose only the movie file to download (by skipping the other files).

2) After movie file downloads fully, torrent goes in 'seeding' mode.

3) I seed the torrent for some time.

4) Then I remove the torrent from uTorrent by clicking on 'Remove'.

5)But when I click open the downloaded movie folder, I find the partfile inside it, alongwith the movie file.

6)I rename the folder according to my liking and then proceed to permanently delete the partfile in it.

So I delete the partfile only after removing the torrent from uTorrent. I hope this won't affect the movie file in any way.

I KNOW I'm being a bit paranoid here, but that's how movie buffs are when it comes to protecting their movie files. So please bear with me :|

Thanks in advance for replying :)

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