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uTorrent broke bad on multiple Macs


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I was able to download various torrents for years without problems and suddenly everything started acting crazy a couple weeks ago. Since, I can't download at my max speed, but only have up and downs.

A few infos:

* on OSX, using latest uTorrent (1.8.4)

* I tried deleting and reinstalling uTorrent multiple times

* same problem on two of my computers and different user accounts (I recently played with my firewall settings, but I tried all combos: enabling uTorrent, disabling uTorrent, turning firewall off)

* I'm also experiencing this problem on my brand new MBP with the freshly installed Mavericks (other computer being an older MBA with Mountain Lion)

* I don't use any anti-virus or whatever other app that could interfere

* checked the ISP with Glasnost, everything seems fine

* followed start-up guide (for example using an upload limit, though I never needed this before)

* connected to my router and forwarded another port, tried with the new one and other randoms ones

* light is always on green

* same problem for different files from different trackers

* the (total) speed goes up to 1.8-2 (my maximum being around 2.1) and goes immediately back down to exactly 9.4-9.6kB/s

* every other service connected to the internet works fine

Here's a small screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/mbNxPLY.jpg

Thanks for any help!!

edit: sometimes the light also goes from green to yellow (no incomming connections).

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