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Run program on torrent completion - Pause torrents?


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I'm trying to work out how to do the following when a torrent completes:

(torrent finishes downloading)

Pause all torrents

Move completed torrent to completed folder (e.g. d:\finished)

(move completed successfully)

Resume all torrents

Is this possible? I ask because during the moving process, utorrent slows to a crawl stating "disk overload 100%" in the bottom bar.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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What you can do is set up your downloading uTorrent folder for new incoming stuff.

create another folder in your Movies directory or use the existing directory that you have (not the same one as above).

Then you can set up a command line in uTorrent "to run program when torrent finishes" that will execute a .bat command file.

create the .bat or .vbs to action the following commands:

STOP uTorrent

copy the new folders to your movie directory

start your preferred movie scrapper to scrap the new folder in your Movies

restart u-torrent

The above will then allow you to copy the newly downloaded directories to your Movies folder for viewing, while still allowing you to Seed the new movies back to the community. You can also add some feeds to your uTorrent so that new movies and shows are automatically added and downloaded, making the whole process automated.

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Thanks for your response. This should do everything I needed, and is an approach I had not considered, so cheers!

One issue though. I already have rss feeds set to automatically download programmes. Is there not a risk with this approach of utorrent 'missing' items in the rss feed whilst it is shut?

Thanks again for your response.

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