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Random Connection Blocks [Solved]


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Hello guys, I have a little problem with my torrents that might be caused by my internet provider, but I am not very sure. I live in university campus and they have some "policies" to block torrent websites, fortunately there are many to avoid that ways but there are still some problems downloading. Until a week ago I did not have any major problems, it was just the downloads were starting a bit slowly, but now I have a big problem. I have recently updated to Windows 8.1, but as I had a problem with my antivirus - avast and I had to uninstall it. After that I noticed that the torrents are not starting at all or if they start downloading they stop after a few minutes. I have also realized that when utorrent is running my internet freezes for a few minutes - games, facebook chat and etc are unreachable, after that it starts running normally again but this freezing happens every 5-10 minutes. I installed again avast, but it did not work out, tried with Bitdefender TS, but again there are no result. I checked the connection and utorrent failed the first test and the second one showed that the port that I am using is blocked. I also tried to change the port a few times but it didn't work as well. I think that the problem is related to my university internet supplier and they are trying to block my ports, but I am not sure what I can do in this situation. I have also checked the FAQ, but my I didn't find any solutions for me there. Do you guys have any suggestions how can I stop this? Thank you.

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