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upgrading from alpha to beta force's untoggleable opencandy software


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While I was trying to upgrade with the built in dialog from Alpha to Beta (it tried to force on me) during the install process after closing utorrent it asked me to agree to the terms just like a fresh install and one of the items was the utorrent terms and at the bottom of the utorrent terms is opencandy under an addendum with no way to un-select that piece of software or not install it with the main program (basically no way to hit next without ok'ing the install of opencandy)

that plus the whole not reusing my previous settings in my folder and making a new %appdata% utorrent folder in "roaming" on windows 7 x64 that kept asking about the new install of utorrent untill I deleted the new %appdata\roaming% utorrent folder it created.

I did grab the newer out of the folder before deleting it and pasted it in my "regular" utorrent folder and used it (renamed it to utorrent.exe) over the that was listed as the newest download in the forums

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