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WebUI / Dynamic IP address


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I have WebUI correctly installed and I'm able to access it locally. I just need to know how to access WebUI trough a computer outside my home network. I have a Dynamic Web address. Do I need to set up a port and make it a Static Web Address? How can I set it up via my router? Can I make an web address a Static web address without making my whole IP address Static?

I would appreciate any and all help. Setting up uTorrent with Web US with a Dynamic Web address puzzles me because my Dynamic IP address is changing every other day.

Thank You. :)

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How can I set it up via my router?
If your router supports Dynamic DNS, yes. If not you can use dyn.com and a updater client.

I have had a paid account at dyn.com for twelve years or so, but these days also have a fixed IP and a couple of servers running BIND.

There is also



Post a thread at http://webmaster-talk.eu/forum/hosting if you want to continue the discussion as it's really outside the scope of this one.

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