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uTorrent server on ubuntu 13.10 forgets download directory on reboot


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Hi guys,

I installed the latest utorrent server with webui for my 64bit ubuntu system. (alpha-v3_3_30235).

It was necessary, because all the other torrent clients (qbittorrent, transmission, ktorrent, etc) seems to be slower than it should be (the downloading speed), usually I could get a 6MB/s speed on windows utorrent, but with those clients on ubuntu I'm usually glad with 4, 4-5... (yes, I'm sure it's the client and not the lack of seeders, because I tested it with the exact same torrent file).

So I set up utorrent server, everything works just fine, the speed is awesome, but there's one thing I couldn't solve. When I set up the Download directory and autoload directory via the webui, it works fine, but as soon as I reboot my PC it resets back to the default values. I've searched for a solution since the morning, found some, but none of them seemed to work. So how could I make it remember the settings I set?

Please if you can, help me, I've wasted so much time already on this... tried different versions and stuff..

THanks in advance

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