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[behaviour] "Set Download Location" of multiple torrents


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I don't know if you really can call this a bug, but if you select multiple torrents, that you wane download to a different location then the standard download destination, you have to select and set the dl location every time all over, for every selected torrent.

I was downloading multiple files, that i wanted to download in there own folder, this is what happened.

Select multiple torrents > Right mouse click > Advanced > Select "Set Download Location" > Explorer window opens up > Brows folder path (6 clicks) > Select download location > Repeat last 3 steps for every selected torrent.

Last time i used it was on 38 files and +/-5 min of time, that cured me to use it on more that one or two files.

I want to use the function more, but don't use it because it just takes to much time.

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Best solution I found to this was a homemade AutoHotKey script...

But I agree with you, it's a pain and really has no reason to be that way since you usually select more than one torrent before moving it only if you intend to move them to the same location.

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